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Domaine Jonathan Didier Pabiot

  • Young Jonathan Didier Pabiot successfully pursuaded his father Didier to convert the family vineyards to organic vinticulture. Today, as one of only three natural vitilcuturalists in the appellation, his is transitioning their 20 hectares of vinbrant, lush and healthy vineyards to biodynimics. 
  • The entry-level Pouilly-Fumé is a blend of all three terroirs found at the estate: Kimmeridgian marl, chalky Portlandian, and clay-silex on flint, while the parcellaire cuvées of Prédeliction and Eurythmie are grown on kimmerdigian terraces. 
  • Slow, cool indigenous yeast fermentations, minimal SO2 doses, and ageing on the lees for 5-12 months result in expressive, transparent Puilly-Fumés that are turning heads in the Loire and beyond!