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Chateau Ausone

Built on ancient Roman foundations, Ausone is the smallest first-growth property in Saint-Emilion, and its wines are among the most sought after in the world. Ausone is one of only fourst first growths - or premier grand cru classe A, as they are known locally - within the classification. It is the smallest of them, at 7ha, and also the one with the oldest history. 

Chateau Ausone has had just three families in ownership over five centuries, and Pauline is the 12th generation of Vauthiers and their ancestors. This is a place that gets under your skin, so it's not surprising that she is involved in every detail - from upkeep of the dry-stone walls at the edge of the vineyard, to working with specialists to protect its historical remains and carrying out essential daily vineyards tasks.

Turning the soil, trimming leaves, tracking berry ripening - these jobs are not done by the owner at most prestigious Bordeaux Chateaux, which are increasingly in the hands of company directors with business degrees who focus on the big picture and employ vineyard managers, consultants and staff for the practical work. Pauline Vauthier, in contrast, has been working since the age of 16.  


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