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Frapin - Extra - 100 % Grande Champagne - Premier Cru de Cognac

Frapin - Extra - 100 % Grande Champagne - Premier Cru de Cognac

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«Suppleness, exceptionally long finish… can be enjoyed to infinity!». Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master


A blend taken from the ancient family reserve kept by Pierre Frapin and his descendants. Harvested, distilled over lees and aged at the estate, this exceptional cognac ages only in the dry cellars over a number of decades in order to gain its beautiful finesse and elegance. Its new gift pack with its contemporary design and “rétro” spirit take its inspiration from the jeweller’s craft.

The Extra offers a wonderful mahogany colour with warm copper highlights.

The bouquet is very smooth, complex, developed aromas of aged port mixed with the scent of wooden cigar boxes, typical of old Grande Champagne cognacs, which appear after a very long ageing. Concentrated candied fruit aromas like apricot.

The palate is supple, smooth, rich and luxurious, with an exceptionally long finish in which all the flavours combine in a subtle and complex harmony. Notes on the bouquet include the famous «rancio» (oxidative notes) found in Grande Champagne cognacs distilled over lees and aged for several decades. To be enjoyed on its own or as an accompaniment for a special tasting experience beloved of both amateurs and the most experienced enthusiasts. An exceptional after-dinner drink thanks to its fruitiness and finesse.


Country: France

Region: Cognac

Appellation: Grande Champagne 

Colour: Amber

Type: Cognac

Style: Spirit

Grapes: Ugni Blanc