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Domaine GEORGES VERNAY Condrieu 'Coteau de Vernon' 2019

Domaine GEORGES VERNAY Condrieu 'Coteau de Vernon' 2019


Domaine Georges Vernay

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Wine Region: Rhone Valley - France


Grape: 100 % Viognier


Tasting notes: A complex yet elegant wine, Coteau de Vernon is one of the finest expressions of the subtlety of the Viognier grape. Depending on the vintage, this unique Condrieu, from the very centre of the Condrieu appellation and the estate, presents aromas of yellow fruits, fresh and candied citrus fruits and exotic fruits, along with notes of spices, tobacco, wood and leathers and a lingering bitter finish. Its balance is always perfect, with plenty of freshness, vegetal and menthol notes, white flowers and a very good acidity. Coteau de Vernon is a fine, tight, self-assured, precise and delicate wine with a restrained exuberance, a quintessential Condrieu.