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Le Puy - Marie Elisa - 2011 - Sweet - 500 ml

Le Puy - Marie Elisa - 2011 - Sweet - 500 ml

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The robe is golden, while the nose exhales elegant aromas of quince jelly, thyme honey and wild flowers. The bouquet will grow in stature and complexity as the wine ages, leading the connoisseur on a journey of discovery through a rich forest of flavours.


This sweet white wine is produced from 100% botrytised Semillon. The grapes are then gently crushed and the juice is fermented for 2 to 7 years in used barrels.

The wine is bottled unfiltered and without any additives, and is thus sulphur-free. It has a golden robe. Its nose expresses fine aromas of quince jam, thyme honey and flowers. Over time, its nose evolves with surprising complexity.

Its nose and palate carry us towards fine and delicate aromas. Marie-Elisa expresses a sumptuous aromatic intensity. It has a highly rich and tasty finish. This is a simply marvellous and exceptional sweet wine, with no added sulphite. A delicate sweetness.


From: France, Bordeaux

Color: Rose

Sweetness: Sweet

Variety: Semillon