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Chateau Evangile 2009 - Pomerol - 750 ml

Chateau Evangile 2009 - Pomerol - 750 ml

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Château L’Evangile’s wines are described in an old edition of “Grand Vins de Bordeaux”, as “full-bodied and elegant, with incomparable finesse”.


The Cellier des Dames wines narrate the story of many of the “Dames de Bourgogne“, who, in their way, shaped what Burgundy became. At the forefront of the historical scene, these ladies associated with (and sometimes, but not always, married) the famous Dukes of Burgundy. These handcrafted wines have been created in their honour and in recognition of the impacts they had on the region, its vineyards, and its famous appellations. You’ll find the story of each Dame on the back label of their cuvée.
Margaret of York is the sister of Richard II of England. She became Duchess of Burgundy by marrying Charles the Bold on July 3, 1468.


Grape: 80 to 90% Merlot, 10 to 20% Cabernet Franc


Ageing: 18 months, in 70% new oak barrels. 

Average annual production: 2,000 to 3,000 cases.

Decanting: 2 hours or more

Tasting temperature: 16°-18°C