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"Youthful notes of Pinot Noir typical from Mercurey terroir and nice mineral and peppery undertones."

  • Wine Region: Burgundy - France
  • Terroirs: Western part of Mercurey, a plot of Premier Cru, Climat La Bondue.
  • Grape:100% Pinot Noir
  • Color: Red

    10 months in traditional French oak barrels. 40 % of new barrels, others having previously welcomed 1 or 2 wines.
    Bottling in November.

    Tasting notes: Youthful notes of Pinot Noir typical from Mercurey terroir (raspberry, red currant, sour cherry) and nice mineral and peppery undertones. Mercurey Villages is vinified and aged to be enjoyed when young with 2 or 3 years of bottle ageing

    Story: Elisabeth de Valois, often called Elisabeth de France, died at the age of 23, on October 3rd, 1568. Her marriage by proxy to Philip II at age 14 made her Queen of Spain, Naples and Sicily, as well as Duchess of Burgundy.

    Every true wine lover could write his or her love story with Burgundy.  A first visit, the first time being thunderstruck by a wine, the revelation and sure knowledge that this place, and its wines, are something unique and special.  For Francois Bannier, it was a Genevrières one grey, cold evening in November when the Chardonnay in his glass became the warm sunshine of springtime.  For Gregory Hecht, a Clos de l'Arlot, from the very first place where he began his studies as an intern in 1993.  And in Dijon, that same year, when the two, then students, met in the classrooms of the Master of Wine course they both were taking.  Later, the two, now fast friends, created their winery in the south of France which bears their names, Hecht & Bannier.  But Burgundy was never far away. Both knew they would have to return. 

    And so, this year, 2019, the Celliers des Dames was born, a negociant, and soon, a domaine, the Domaine du Jardin des Dames, blessed by a small vineyard.  A new, and crazy challenge to return to the source, the vineyard, Burgundy, where both had learned their trade. Burgundy : the rarest and most exclusive vineyard in the world.

    The "Dames de Bourgogne" pictured on the labels are the spokespeople.  These women of yesterday, serenaded by Francois Villon, whose long shadows, visions and loves, formed from the earth itself, the terroirs, the Climats, now eternel, of Burgundy.

    Size 1 Bottle (75 CL), A case of 6 Bottles (6 x 75 CL)*




    Cellier des Dames