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Cellier des Dames - Mercurey 1er Cru - Rouge - 2019 - 750 ml

Cellier des Dames - Mercurey 1er Cru - Rouge - 2019 - 750 ml

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Coming from a cold climate, Mercurey Ier Cru is discreet and withdrawn in its early youth but shows a real potential of bottle aging. Its smoky nose brings also notes of blackcurrant and blueberry.


The Cellier des Dames wines narrate the story of many of the “Dames de Bourgogne“, who, in their way, shaped what Burgundy became. At the forefront of the historical scene, these ladies associated with (and sometimes, but not always, married) the famous Dukes of Burgundy. These handcrafted wines have been created in their honour and in recognition of the impacts they had on the region, its vineyards, and its famous appellations. You’ll find the story of each Dame on the back label of their cuvée.
Jeanne la Folle, Joanna the Mad, Juana la Loca, Johanna die Wahnsinnige: everyone can give the name they want to Joan I of Castile, Duchess of Burgundy. And to appropriate the mad fate of this romantic character whose infinite love leads to madness. But was Jeanne really mad; is it not rather the embodiment of the madness of men?


Grape: 100% Pinot Noir

Vineyard: Western part of Mercurey, a plot of Premier Cru, Climat La Bondue. The steep slope and its East/South-East facing guarantee early exposure to sunlight.

Terroir: Limestone clay soil, close to bedrock. Red ground, rich in iron oxide.

Vines: Average of 35 years old Pinot Noir.

Vinification: Manual harvesting with rigorous selection on tables. 17 days of fermentation in open-top wooden vat. Daily light pumping-over. 25 % of whole crop and 75 % of destemmed fruits.

Ageing: 12 months of ageing in traditional Bourguignonne pièces with 50 % of new oak. Malolatic fermentation started lately in spring.
Bottling in December.