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Vintage was founded in 2014 by three french friends, Gilles, Christophe and Antonin.

Vintage is a new dedicated purveyor of artisanal fine wines that reflect quality, personality and terroir.  We believe in only promoting exceptional well-made, limited-production wines from the best French terroirs. All our wines are ex-chateau and available for next-day delivery.


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Antonin Pon Founder at Vintage, Hong-Kong Office Director

E: T: +852 6898 3005


  Gilles Herr Founder at Vintage, Purchasing and Finance Director

E: T: +65  8301 2102

Christophe Cazaux-Maleville Founder at Vintage, Commercial Director


E: T: +65 9115 3120

Tristan Torlach Partner, On-Trade 


E: T: +65 8433 1976

Diane Gandillot Supply & Logistic Manager


E: T: +65 8511 2972

Macy Goh On Trade Sales Manager


E: T: +65 9654 2787

Stephanie Rigourd Sommelier & Private Sales Director


E: T: +65 8186 3745

Yasmina Segault Supply & Logistics Manager


E: T: +65 8511 2972

Geraldine Chevignon Marketing & Communications Manager


E: T: +65 8511 2972